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Brewer & Bunney in Southampton

Operating a laundry service in Southampton comes with its challenges, especially when dealing with aging or faulty commercial washing equipment. Instead of pouring funds into frequent repairs, upgrading could be a wise decision.

Our newest line of Electrolux industrial washing machines is designed to reduce water consumption by up to 50%, offering a way to decrease operational expenses while also contributing to environmental sustainability.

Brewer & Bunney is recognised as Southampton’s leading provider of commercial laundry solutions. With a solid track record spanning nearly four decades, we’ve established ourselves as the foremost supplier in the South West. Our commitment extends beyond selling premium products; we emphasise exceptional customer service. If you’re contemplating upgrading your laundry equipment, we’re ready to assist.

What Sets Our Industrial Laundry Machines Apart in Southampton

We serve various industries, including hospitality and healthcare, with an extensive selection of high spin and super spin machines. Our high spin options, capable of handling up to 110kg, suit large-scale operations like hotels. For facilities such as launderettes or hospitals that require multiple units, our super spin machines, with a capacity of up to 33kg, are ideally suited.

Our products stand out due to their:

  • Unmatched efficiency in water usage
  • Energy-efficient spin cycles
  • Durable design with minimised vibration
  • Coin operation functionality
  • State-of-the-art Compass Pro controls
  • Effective methods for dealing with heavily soiled laundry, including sluice and thermal disinfection

Reach Out to Brewer & Bunney

Beyond supplying Southampton with top-tier commercial washing machines, Brewer & Bunney offers a comprehensive array of services. This includes cost-effective maintenance and repairs, alongside all necessary cleaning agents and accessories to keep your laundry operations running at peak efficiency. Contact us for a complimentary discussion on how we can support your business’s laundry needs.