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“We use Brewer & Bunney because they are always there when we need them. Nothing is ever a problem it just runs smoothly. When we need something new, they understand our business and can advise on the best solution. If our equipment needs servicing or maintenance an engineer is with us promptly to keep the equipment operational. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Brewer and Bunney. The team is always responsive and we feel that they continue to offer us a true partnership for commercial laundry.”

Away Resorts

“Brewer and Bunney have always given us very good service so we were happy to talk to them again about the upgrade. Everything went according to plan and we are delighted with the results.”

The Headland Hotel

“Once we saw the system operating in the Brewer and Bunney showroom, we knew that we had to have it. For us, it meant we were able to increase our Laundry capacity and at the same time develop our business into a new area with Wet Cleaning. The Brewer and Bunney team installed the equipment, set up the dosing system, and then programmed the machines to get us started. They provided the training for us, and then we were on our way. We are delighted with the system and with all the great Brewer and Bunney support!”

Hayley Richards, L J Laundry Co-owner

“I saw for myself the help and support that Brewer & Bunney had given to other new commercial laundry businesses in Devon & Somerset and decided that they would be the company to help me. They did all the technical drawings and layouts for the laundry and they gave me a turnkey project which meant they took all the pressure from me. The rental contract they offered me was perfect for my business and included a mixture of new and re-conditioned equipment which suited my budget. When I need them for a breakdown response I know that they will be there the same day or the next day.”

Quantock Laundry

“A massive thank you to you and your team. You are such a supportive and helpful company and every contact we have had with Brewer and Bunney has been so positive. I highly recommend you so if in the future you will be the first company we think of!”

Norman Court School

“We’re so pleased to be the first company in Cornwall to install the Electrolux lagoon® wet-cleaning system, a professional system that demonstrates the specialty and expertise of services that we can now provide. The new equipment has enabled us to increase our in-house services and this has opened up a whole new market for us. Our customers are intrigued and impressed by the cleaning capabilities of the new machinery and the sustainability element is something that I see as crucial for my business going forward.”

Jane Downton, Downtons Dry Cleaning

“Brewer & Bunney have been with us from the very start. They provided all our equipment on a very flexible rental contract and we had a mixture of new and pre-owned equipment which suited our budget. Throughout the years they have upgraded equipment as the business has grown. Their service support on the rental contract has been great and we know we are always going to receive a same day / next day service. We greatly appreciate what they have done for our business”

Rachel, Coast to Coast Co-owner

“Brewer & Bunney were a great help in getting the business up and running and were heavily involved at every stage of the process. They offered us a package of machines which were in line with my budget and I was able to install 5 x washers 3 x double stacked dryers 1 x 50lb dryer.”

Julie Bishop, In a Spin

“We should have done this a long time ago, the process is automated, the staff are happier, and I am more confident in our infection control procedures.”

Care Home Manager, North Devon

“We’ve done extremely well there and we can process over one hundred items per day. People choose us over a traditional drycleaners because it’s a much better for the environment and for their clothes. And from a business perspective it’s great, because we can deal with any challenge presented to us. Whether it’s an everyday suit, a wedding dress, a leather jacket, or a suede skirt; we can accept absolutely anything. We’re extremely happy with all the kit provided, and we’ve just opened a second commercial laundry in Ivybridge which also has Electrolux equipment supplied by Brewer and Bunney.”

Amanda Barnes, Barnes the Cleaners Owner

“We really do appreciate what Brewer and Bunney have done for us. From selecting the right equipment to the design of the Laundry and the installation of the machines they have been first class. Their after sales service is great and we know we can rely on them at our peak times to give us a fast response. Their rental contract really suits our business model and has really helped us develop our business.”

North Cornwall Linen

“I have always had very good support from Brewer & Bunney and their engineers do a good job for me. I’m very happy with my new machines, especially with the money they will save on my water bills.”

Bubbles Launderette

“Once I had found new larger premises I asked Brewer & Bunney to come in and help me. Their technical support was invaluable and they put together a turnkey project that made things so much easier for me. They were able to offer me a range of new and re-conditioned equipment on a rental contract which suited my budget and mean’t that I got very high specification machines which have greatly improved my productivity. On top of all that their call out response to any breakdown has always been very quick.”

Julia Wright Hopkin, Mounts Bay Laundry

“We have been working with Brewer & Bunney for over 10 years now. We find them to be; easy to work with, professional, knowledgeable, competitive, helpful, and without the hard sale!”

Stonehaven Care

“The introduction of reusable teat cloths at our dairy has significantly reduced wastage, and allowed us to make cost savings. Given the way in which the wholesale price of dairy products is declining, our ability to make cost savings through such an innovative system has improved our business performance.”

“Seeing the way in which reusable teat cloths were used so effectively on the other side of the Atlantic, we were keen to implement that at our dairy. We’re pleased with the performance of the teat wipes and would encourage other farms around the UK to invest in similar systems.”

Paul Robinson, Woodhey Dairy

“We have been using Brewer and Bunney for over 8 years and have always found their after sales service to be first class.When we decided to replace the equipment they were very competitive and the process of changing the machines over went very well. Their installation team did an excellent job and we are delighted with our new machines.”

Hyne Town House