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AdvancedCare by Brewer & Bunney: Your Comprehensive Service Solution

Discover AdvancedCare, your ultimate service and breakdown cover package from Brewer and Bunney. With AdvancedCare, you’ll experience uninterrupted laundry operations and complete peace of mind.

Welcome to AdvancedCare, the ultimate service and breakdown cover package tailored for your laundry operations by Brewer and Bunney. Embrace uninterrupted laundry services and complete peace of mind with AdvancedCare. We’re dedicated to ensuring your laundry operations remain seamless, providing you with the comprehensive support necessary, whenever you need it.

AdvancedCare Benefits:

Maintenance and Service Contract: Receive a full maintenance and service contract designed to keep your laundry equipment, including commercial washing machines, in prime condition.

Breakdown Cover: Gain confidence knowing that AdvancedCare covers you in the event of equipment breakdowns, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

Next Day Response: Understanding the importance of swift action, AdvancedCare promises a guaranteed 8-hour response time, helping to get your operations back on track quickly.

Coverage Hours: Benefit from our dedicated support available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, providing assistance during crucial operational hours.

No Call-Out Charges: With AdvancedCare, enjoy the reassurance that comes with no hidden call-out charges, ensuring straightforward support.

No Labour Costs: Eliminate worries about labour costs. Our comprehensive package includes all necessary service efforts, allowing you to concentrate on your main business activities.

Parts Discount: Take advantage of exclusive discounts on parts, reducing the overall cost of maintaining your commercial washing machines and other laundry equipment.

Nationwide Engineer Coverage: Our network of engineers, covering the entire South West of England, guarantees that professional help is always within reach.

Manufacturer Trained Engineers: Our team comprises manufacturer-trained engineers, ensuring that your commercial washing machine repair and maintenance are performed to the highest standards.

All Makes and Models: AdvancedCare extends its support to any make or model of laundry equipment, offering versatile and comprehensive commercial washing machine repair services.

AdvancedCare goes beyond a mere service package; it represents a commitment to uninterrupted laundry operations and cost-effective maintenance solutions. Trust Brewer and Bunney to keep your laundry running smoothly with our expertise in commercial washing machine repair and more.

Choose AdvancedCare for the assurance of guaranteed response times, absence of call-out charges, and expert support tailored to your needs. Contact Brewer and Bunney today to discover how AdvancedCare can transform your laundry management experience, ensuring your operations benefit from reliable commercial washing machine repair services and more.