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Maintenance Contracts

Your laundry equipment is the backbone of your business. To ensure it operates seamlessly and efficiently, we offer our AdvancedCare comprehensive service and maintenance contract.

This is designed to keep your laundry equipment in top condition while providing you with a range of valuable benefits.

Recognising the vital role of laundry equipment in your business, Brewer and Bunney offers AdvancedCare, a comprehensive maintenance plan designed to ensure your laundry machinery operates flawlessly and efficiently. AdvancedCare is tailored to maintain your equipment’s prime condition, offering a suite of valuable benefits.

AdvancedCare Benefits:

  1. Comprehensive Maintenance and Service Contract for Commercial Laundry: AdvancedCare includes a full maintenance and service contract for commercial laundry, ensuring regular upkeep for peak performance, extending machinery lifespan, and reducing the likelihood of unforeseen failures.
  2. Inclusive Breakdown Cover: AdvancedCare provides peace of mind with its breakdown cover, recognising the financial impact of equipment downtime and committing to rapid, efficient resolutions to get your machines back in operation.
  3. Assured 8-Hour Response Time: Understanding the importance of your time, AdvancedCare guarantees an 24 hour response time, ensuring that our skilled technicians are dispatched promptly to solve any issues, thus minimising operational disruptions.
  4. Operational Coverage Hours: Available Monday to Friday, 8 am to 6 pm, AdvancedCare support aligns with your most critical operating times, ensuring you have access to assistance exactly when needed.
  5. No Call Out Fees: With AdvancedCare, eliminate worries about call out charges. Our plan is designed to support you without hidden costs, aiding in more predictable maintenance budgeting.
  6. No Additional Labour Costs: Eliminate concerns over unexpected labour fees. AdvancedCare covers all labour costs, allowing you to concentrate on your main business activities without financial surprises.
  7. Exclusive Parts Discount: Benefit from exclusive discounts on parts as a member of AdvancedCare. This perk not only lowers the expense of maintaining your equipment but also guarantees access to authentic, quality replacement components.
  8. Extensive Engineer Network Across the South West of England: Our broad network of engineers across the South West of England ensures prompt and proficient service is always within reach, keeping your operations smooth and efficient.
  9. Expertise of Manufacturer-Trained Engineers: Brewer and Bunney’s engineers, extensively trained by manufacturers, offer unparalleled service quality. Their comprehensive knowledge spans all types and brands of laundry equipment, ensuring adept and effective maintenance and repairs.
  10. Versatility in Equipment Service: Our capabilities extend to servicing and repairing any brand or model of laundry equipment, providing flexible support irrespective of your machinery’s manufacturer.

Choose AdvancedCare for a robust service contract for commercial laundry that not only secures your operations against unexpected breakdowns but also enhances the efficiency and lifespan of your equipment. Trust Brewer and Bunney to support your commercial laundry needs with our expertly designed maintenance plan, ensuring your business continues to run smoothly and efficiently.