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Dairy Farms Sector

Hygienic Laundry Solutions for Dairy Farms

Brewer and Bunney provides commercial laundry equipment for Dairy Farms with specialised hygiene cycles to protect and care for your livestock.

At Brewer and Bunney, we’re committed to supporting the dairy farming industry in the South West of England with specialised laundry solutions that meet the unique challenges of farm life. Recognising the essential role of hygiene and efficiency in dairy farm operations, we offer a range of robust farm washing machines designed to tackle everything from teat and udder cloths to sheep fleeces with unparalleled efficacy. Our dedicated approach ensures your farm maintains the highest standards of cleanliness, contributing to the health and well-being of your livestock.

Robust Farm Washing Machines for Dairy Operations

Our farm washing machines are engineered to manage the demanding laundry needs of dairy farms. Designed to handle heavy-duty farm items, our machines are capable of washing a wide range of agricultural textiles. This includes teat and udder cloths, which are crucial for maintaining udder hygiene and preventing mastitis, a common concern in dairy herds.

Advanced Thermal Disinfection and Ozone Compatibility

Ensuring the health and hygiene of your dairy operation is non-negotiable. That’s why Brewer and Bunney’s machines come equipped with advanced thermal disinfection capabilities and ozone compatibility. These features work together to effectively eliminate harmful pathogens, including bacteria responsible for diseases like mastitis, ensuring a safe and sanitary environment for your livestock.

Smart Dosing Technology for Optimal Cleaning

Our farm washing machines feature auto-dosing technology that precisely measures and dispenses the correct amount of detergent and disinfectants, optimising the cleaning process while saving time and reducing energy usage. For dairy farms using reusable teat cloths, we set up machines with auto-dosed detergent and a 5% peracetic acid solution. This setup allows for washing at lower temperatures, speeding up cycles, extending the life of the cloths, and reducing energy costs.

Tailored Solutions for Dairy Farm Needs

Understanding that each dairy farm has unique needs, we offer personalised solutions to match. Whether determining the most suitable farm washing machine based on the number of animals or creating custom wash programmes with the right chemicals for the best results, Brewer and Bunney is here to ensure your dairy farm’s laundry requirements are met with precision and care.

Expertise in Managing Bacteriology

Our commitment to your dairy farm’s success includes regular assistance with bacteriology reports to control levels of coliform and other bacteria growth. By fine-tuning programmes and ensuring accurate calibrations on pumps, our engineers help maintain a controlled environment that minimises the risk of mastitis and other infections.

Nationwide Support Tailored to Dairy Farms

Brewer and Bunney not only offers advanced farm washing machines but also provides comprehensive support tailored to the dairy farming industry. With a team of expert engineers and our own chemical specialist, we ensure high levels of technical assistance, from machine installation to ongoing maintenance and fine-tuning of wash programmes.

Choose Brewer and Bunney as your trusted partner for dairy farm laundry solutions in the South West of England. With our advanced farm washing machines, specialised services, and commitment to the agricultural community, we’re dedicated to helping you maintain the highest standards of hygiene and efficiency on your farm. Contact us today to discuss how we can tailor a laundry solution to meet the specific needs of your dairy operation, ensuring the health and well-being of your livestock and the success of your farm.