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An engineer fixing a commercial laundry machine.

Breakdown & Repair

Brewer and Bunney provide commercial laundry repairs across the South West of England. We know how hard commercial laundry equipment works and how the daily wear and tear can leave them needing a little extra care.

That’s why we have a wide-ranging repair service that covers the entire South West region, ready to fix any problems and keep your business moving without trouble.

Commercial Laundry Equipment Repair in the South West of England

In the bustling realm of commercial laundry, your machinery endures constant demands, day after day. This unrelenting usage can cause wear and tear, leading to inefficiencies and potentially, breakdowns that halt your operations. Brewer and Bunney are here to assist with our thorough commercial laundry equipment repair service, providing expert coverage across the South West of England to ensure your business operates without interruption.

Specialised, Manufacturer-Trained Engineering Team

At Brewer and Bunney, our core lies in our dedicated team of manufacturer-trained engineers. With over three decades of refined expertise, we offer unparalleled service quality. We’re adept at navigating the complexities of both industrial and commercial laundry equipment repairs, capable of servicing all leading brands. Our engineers are thoroughly prepared to address and resolve your equipment issues efficiently.

Prompt and Effective Repair Responses

We recognise the critical nature of rapid response to equipment failures. Our strategic positioning in the South West of England enables us to swiftly attend to your commercial laundry equipment repair needs, significantly reducing machine downtime and maintaining the seamless operation of your laundry services. Opting for Brewer and Bunney means choosing a partner synonymous with dependability and efficiency.

Extensive Inventory of Replacement Parts

To augment our repair services, our technicians’ vehicles are loaded with an extensive selection of replacement parts. This preparedness allows for quicker repair times when we’re on-site, promoting a highly effective first-time fix rate that we’re proud to maintain at 97% and above. This efficiency underscores our dedication to swiftly and effectively resolving your repair needs.

Tailored Servicing Solutions

Understanding that every business’s needs are distinct, we provide customisable servicing options. Brewer and Bunney are committed to aligning our services with your specific requirements, ensuring your commercial laundry operations run smoothly.

Immediate Access to Expert Guidance

Our commitment extends beyond just repairs; we’re here to offer expert advice whenever you need it. Our experienced technicians are just a call away, ready to offer guidance over the phone to help you maintain your equipment in pristine condition.

Adherence to Regulations for Safe Operation

Choosing Brewer and Bunney for your commercial laundry equipment repair needs means partnering with a company that strictly adheres to all relevant statutory legislation. We prioritise safety and regulatory compliance, ensuring your laundry operations are both safe and efficient.

By entrusting Brewer and Bunney with your commercial laundry equipment repairs, you’re selecting a leading specialist in the South West of England. Our dedicated team, extensive spare parts inventory, and commitment to rapid, effective service ensure your operations experience minimal disruption and optimal efficiency.

Don’t allow equipment breakdowns to impede your business. Contact Brewer and Bunney today to discover more about our commercial laundry equipment repair services and experience the advantages of our exceptional response times, expert advice, and dedication to excellence in service. With Brewer and Bunney, your laundry operations are in capable hands.