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Gas Certificates

Brewer and Bunney know how important it is to adhere to government guidelines and make sure your commercial laundry machines are safe and work well. Getting a commercial gas certificate is a big part of keeping your workplace safe.

This certificate is more than just following the law; it’s about making sure your employees, customers, and business are safe.

Brewer and Bunney is aware of the crucial role that compliance and safety play in operating your business efficiently and safely. A pivotal component of maintaining this safety within your workplace is acquiring a gas safe certificate for commercial laundry. This certification goes beyond a mere legal formality; it is an integral measure for protecting your employees, customers, and business assets.

According to the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998, specifically Regulation 35, the onus of ensuring the safety of any gas appliances, flues, and installation pipework in your workplace squarely falls on you as the employer. Ignoring this duty can have severe repercussions, including accidents, damage to property, and significant legal consequences.

At Brewer and Bunney, we prioritise the safety of your commercial laundry equipment with utmost seriousness. Our dedication to safety and compliance is underscored by our Gas Safe registration, highlighting our proficiency and commitment to meeting the highest standards in the industry.

Why a Gas Safe Certificate for Commercial Laundry is Essential

Obtaining a gas safe certificate for commercial laundry isn’t merely about fulfilling a regulatory requirement; it signifies that your laundry appliances are operational, safe, and pose no danger to your premises or staff. Here are three crucial reasons to trust Brewer and Bunney with your gas safety certification:

  1. Guaranteed Peace of Mind Opting for our annual gas safety inspections gives you the confidence that your laundry equipment adheres to the latest safety standards and regulations. Our Gas Safe registered engineers conduct detailed evaluations of your gas appliances, flues, and installation pipework, ensuring they are secure and performing efficiently.
  2. Enhanced Safety and Operational Efficiency Maintaining your commercial laundry equipment in top condition not only mitigates risk but also enhances efficiency, which could lead to lower energy expenses. Our exhaustive inspections ensure that your systems are both secure and economical.
  3. Assured Compliance and Certification Following a thorough inspection of your gas-powered equipment, our Gas Safe registered engineers will provide a gas safe certificate for commercial laundry. This certification serves as proof of your commitment to maintaining a safe working environment and is a critical document for your records, particularly during inspections or audits, showcasing your compliance with safety regulations.

Choose Brewer and Bunney for Your Gas Safety Certification Needs

Brewer and Bunney is your reliable ally in securing the safety and compliance of your commercial laundry equipment. With our Gas Safe accreditation, seasoned engineers, and unwavering dedication to excellence, we offer the industry’s premier service level.

Compromise is not an option when it comes to the safety of your workplace and the efficiency of your laundry systems. Reach out to Brewer and Bunney now to arrange your yearly gas safety inspection and secure your gas safe certificate for commercial laundry. Leverage our expertise to ensure your business operates within a safe, compliant, and efficient framework. Ensure the protection of your business, personnel, and assets with a gas safe certificate for commercial laundry from Brewer and Bunney. Get in touch today to schedule your gas safety inspection and enjoy the assurance that comes with knowing your equipment complies with the latest standards. Trust Brewer and Bunney to safeguard the efficiency and safety of your commercial laundry operations.