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Industrial Washing Machines & Commercial Laundry Equipment in Exeter

If you’re looking for the largest selection of commercial washing machines, you’ve come to the right place. At Brewer & Bunney, we’ve been supplying commercial laundry equipment to a wide range of businesses for over four decades. Whether you need reliable machines for your hospital or coin-operated models for your launderette, we have what you’re looking for, and you won’t find better value prices elsewhere.

We proudly stock a wide range of Electrolux machines because we only serve our clients with the most advanced, energy-efficient systems on the market. We can guarantee your new heavy duty washing machine will survive for decades, and we cover all our products with excellent warranties for your peace of mind.

We never use pushy sales tactics attempting to increase our profits. We’ve been the largest supplier in the South West for over four decades because we always make the needs of our customers our top priority. If you need advice or want to learn more about our commercial laundry equipment in Exeter, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Why Upgrade Your Industrial Washer and Dryer in Exeter?

You might think that your business can’t currently afford to replace your laundry equipment, but you might think again when you realise how much they can help you save in the long run. Our Electrolux machines use less water than any other model on the market. In fact, they could help you minimise your water usage by up to 50%, significantly reducing your running costs in the process.

If you haven’t upgraded your commercial laundry machine for a number of years, now might be the time to do so. Call us for advice you can trust, and we’ll gladly discuss your needs over the phone.

We Cater to All Requirements Related to Commercial Laundry in Exeter

In addition to our new, highly sophisticated Electrolux industrial washing machines, we also sell fully functional reconditioned models, and provide a highly recommended repair and maintenance service. The next time you have any questions about your commercial laundry equipment, call us on 0800 0665062.