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VitalCare by Brewer & Bunney: Compliant, Certified, and Worry-Free

At Brewer and Bunney, we understand the importance of compliance with all relevant legislation when it comes to laundry equipment.

Brewer and Bunney is acutely aware of the importance of compliance with all relevant regulations concerning laundry equipment in your operations. That’s the impetus behind the creation of VitalCare, a comprehensive service package meticulously designed to not only meet but surpass regulatory standards. VitalCare ensures that your laundry operations are secure, efficient, and fully compliant, offering you complete peace of mind.

Why Choose VitalCare?

In-depth Gas Safety Inspections: Integral to the VitalCare package are detailed gas safety inspections, performed by our Gas Safe registered engineers. As outlined in the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998, Regulation 35, employers are responsible for ensuring the safety of gas appliances and pipework. Failure to comply can result in serious consequences, including accidents and legal repercussions. Brewer and Bunney takes this responsibility off your shoulders, ensuring your equipment operates safely and according to law.

Expert Duct Cleaning Services: The significance of duct cleaning in maintaining a compliant and safe laundry environment cannot be overstated. VitalCare includes professional duct cleaning, directly addressing commercial dryer venting requirements to mitigate fire risks and obstructions, crucial for the safety and longevity of your operations.

Full Certification Assurance: Beyond executing these vital safety checks and cleanings, VitalCare provides complete certification. This serves as definitive evidence that your laundry equipment fulfils all relevant legislative mandates, offering you the confidence to run your laundry worry-free.

Commercial Dryer Venting Compliance: A critical yet often overlooked aspect of laundry safety is adherence to commercial dryer venting requirements. VitalCare ensures your laundry operations not only comply with these standards but enhance the efficiency and durability of your equipment, safeguarding your premises from fire hazards.

The Benefits of Choosing VitalCare

Opting for VitalCare means more than just achieving compliance; it’s about safeguarding your staff, extending the lifespan of your laundry equipment, and protecting your property. Brewer and Bunney is committed to providing a service that ensures your laundry operations are smooth, safe, and efficient.

Complete Peace of Mind: VitalCare’s inclusion of services addressing commercial dryer venting requirements and more offers unparalleled peace of mind. Our dedication to going the extra mile allows you to concentrate on your core business, confident that your laundry operations are secure.

Ensuring Compliance with Legislation: VitalCare emphasises compliance with all relevant regulations, including the commercial dryer venting requirements, ensuring your operations are safe and up to code. This commitment is a reflection of our dedication to the safety and compliance of your business. Select VitalCare for a guaranteed compliant and safe laundry environment that meets all legislative requirements, including essential commercial dryer venting standards. Reach out to Brewer and Bunney today to discover how VitalCare can revolutionise your approach to laundry safety and compliance, providing a service that not only meets but exceeds standards.