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Brewer and Bunney understand that in the busy world of commercial laundry, your machines work hard all the time. This constant use can lead to problems and even break the machines, which can interrupt your work.

That’s why we offer a complete repair service for commercial laundry equipment from all the main brands, helping you keep your machines running well and for longer.

Boost the Lifespan and Performance of Your Commercial Laundry Equipment

In the dynamic environment of commercial laundry and warewashing, your machines are subjected to constant, heavy use in both industrial and commercial settings. This regular strain can lead to decreased efficiency and, inevitably, malfunctions that interrupt your day-to-day operations. That is why Brewer and Bunney provides exceptional commercial washing machine servicing, accommodating all the leading brands.

Expertise from Manufacturer-Trained Engineers

At the heart of our pledge to deliver outstanding service are our manufacturer-trained engineers. Their extensive training and experience equip them to offer unparalleled commercial washing machine service. Understanding the complexities of both industrial and commercial laundry machines, our team excels in conducting repairs across a broad spectrum of brands.

Comprehensive Coverage Across the South West of England

Brewer and Bunney is proud to extend our in-depth commercial washing machine service across the South West of England, from Gloucester to St Ives and from Southampton to Swansea. Our widespread coverage guarantees that your business benefits from the proficiency of our skilled engineers, minimising downtime and ensuring a swift return to full operation.

Tailored Servicing Solutions

Acknowledging the diverse needs of different businesses, we provide a variety of commercial washing machine service options crafted to meet your specific requirements. Whether you’re drawn to the comprehensive coverage of our OneCare package or the straightforward approach of our AdvancedCare maintenance plan, we offer solutions that fit your business model.

Advantages of Routine Maintenance

Consistent servicing of your commercial laundry equipment brings several key benefits:

  1. Enhanced Durability: Regular maintenance significantly increases the durability of your machinery, safeguarding your investment and diminishing future expenses.
  2. Optimal Efficiency Restored: Wear and tear can erode the efficiency of your machines over time. Our commercial washing machine service ensures they operate at peak efficiency, just like new.
  3. Reduced Environmental Footprint: Well maintained machines not only perform better but also operate more sustainably, reducing waste and your environmental impact.
  4. Avoidance of Expensive Repairs: Routine servicing is a proactive defence against the kind of major repairs that can upset your operations and financial planning.

Beyond repairs, our dedication to customer satisfaction includes a strong emphasis on safety and compliance with industry standards, ensuring that your laundry equipment functions safely and effectively.

By choosing Brewer and Bunney for your commercial washing machine service needs, you’re selecting a leader in the field, renowned across the South West of England. Our comprehensive service, backed by a team of expert engineers and a suite of maintenance options, promises minimal interruption and maximal efficiency for your business. Don’t let the breakdown of equipment disrupt your operations. Reach out to Brewer and Bunney today to discover more about our commercial washing machine service and the numerous benefits it brings, from extending the life of your machines to ensuring they run efficiently and reliably. With Brewer and Bunney, your laundry operations are in expert hands.