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Total equine care with a horse rug washing machine
Vets & Equine Sector

Premium Laundry Equipment for Vets & Equine Care

From veterinary clinics to stables and riding schools, we supply and maintain laundry equipment to handle the tough demands of the animal care sector.

At Brewer and Bunney, we recognise that the health and well-being of horses and pets are of utmost importance to those who care for them. This understanding drives our commitment to offering the best industry solutions for horse rug washing machines and equine laundry needs across the South West of England. Our specialised machines and services are precisely designed to meet the unique requirements of equestrian and veterinary care, making us the go-to choice for all your equine laundry needs.

Robust Washing Machines for Equestrian Items

Our horse rug washing machines are engineered to effortlessly manage the weight and bulk of equestrian items. Whether tackling Horse Rugs, blankets, coats, or saddle pads, our machines deliver outstanding results. For stables and tack rooms, our compact, high-spin machines are perfectly suited for efficiently cleaning blankets, numnahs, and bandages, embodying the ideal solution for every equestrian laundry requirement.

Advanced Thermal Disinfection

In the realm of equine care, maintaining high standards of health and hygiene is non-negotiable. Brewer and Bunney’s machines are equipped to achieve thermal disinfection temperatures that effectively eliminate harmful bacteria. This proactive measure is crucial in preventing the spread of infectious diseases such as Strangles, Horse Flu, and Ringworm, safeguarding the health of your horses.

Ozone Compatibility

Beyond thermal disinfection, our horse rug washing machines boast ozone compatibility, elevating the sanitisation process to ensure that equine garments are not only clean but also devoid of harmful pathogens, offering an additional layer of protection for your equine companions.

Smart Dosing Technology

Featuring auto-dosing capabilities, our machines optimise the washing process by automatically adjusting detergent usage according to the load, saving you both time and resources. We also supply specialised re-proofer chemicals to preserve the water-resistance and durability of your equine gear.

Crucial Outbreak Management

Effective laundering plays a pivotal role in managing and preventing outbreaks within equestrian facilities. Rely on Brewer and Bunney to be your steadfast partner in ensuring the health and well-being of your horses through our comprehensive laundry solutions.

Tailored Solutions for Veterinary Practices and Animal Hospitals

Brewer and Bunney is committed to addressing the unique laundry challenges faced by veterinary practices, animal hospitals, and surgeries. Our commercial laundry equipment is designed to fit a variety of spaces, ensuring effective processing and disinfection of bulky items like vet bedding, blankets, drapes, and towels. This is vital in eliminating cross-contamination risks and upholding the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

Energy-Saving Solutions

Our commitment to environmental responsibility is reflected in our energy-saving washers and dryers. These machines not only ensure exceptional cleaning results but also contribute to reducing your carbon footprint, aligning with our vision of a greener future.

Ozone Compatibility

Offering ozone-compatible machines, Brewer and Bunney ensures that your laundry goes beyond cleanliness to provide a safe and healthy environment for all animals under your care, thanks to ozone’s powerful disinfectant properties.

Commercial Dishwashers

Our range of commercial dishwashers and warewashing solutions, compliant with the highest WRAS-approved Category 5 standards, guarantee the utmost cleanliness for feeding dishes, bowls, and other reusable items in your animal care facility.

Animal-Friendly Detergents

Understanding the specific needs of animal care, we provide detergents that are safe and suitable for use with animals, ensuring their comfort and safety at all times.

Comprehensive Support

From selecting the right machines to installation and ongoing maintenance, Brewer and Bunney offers complete support to ensure you have the most efficient, cost-effective, and energy-efficient laundry solutions for your veterinary practice or animal hospital. Our flexible service packages, including full breakdown cover, leasing options, and fully inclusive rental plans, are designed to meet your specific needs.

Rely on Brewer and Bunney, not just for our machines, but for our dedication to the well-being of the animals you care for. Choose us as your partner for veterinary and equine laundry solutions, and let us tailor a solution that perfectly fits your facility in the South West of England. Contact us today to discover how our horse rug washing machines and comprehensive services can make a difference in your animal care practice.

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