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Choose Brewer & Bunney for Your Industrial Washing Machine in Salisbury.

Whether you’re running a hospital, hotel, launderette or clothes manufacturing business, you need a commercial laundry machine that won’t let you down. It’s crucial to choose equipment that is guaranteed to remain functional and energy efficient for years to come so that you can keep your running and maintenance costs to a minimum, without compromising on the quality of your services. Fortunately, if you need a new commercial washing machine, you needn’t look any further than us.

Here at Brewer & Bunney, we’re the South West’s leading and largest supplier of commercial laundry equipment. Whether you need a few minor repairs or a replacement we’ve got you covered, and we guarantee the lowest industrial washing machine prices in the Salisbury area. Keep reading below to find out why now might be the time to upgrade your equipment.

The Benefits of Purchasing New Commercial Laundry Equipment in Salisbury

Here are just some reasons why you might want to replace your outdated industrial washing machine with a brand new one from Brewer & Bunney:

Buy machines that last for years

The latest machines are built to the highest industry standards ensuring they’ll remain functional for years, if not decades, to come. Plus, for your peace of mind, all our products come with extended warranties.

Reduce your water usage to save on running costs

Our Electrolux commercial laundry machines for Salisbury businesses offer the lowest water usage on the market, helping you minimise your utility bills.

Use washers and dryers that offer amazing performance

You’ll find that our machines can remove the toughest stains from clothes. They even provide sluice and thermal disinfection for soiled laundry.

Minimise the need for maintenance and repairs

When you buy one of our highly sophisticated industrial washers and dryers, you can feel confident that the need for repairs and servicing will be kept to a minimum.

Order Your Commercial Laundry Equipment from Salisbury’s Leading Provider

While we’re widely known for our selection of brand new washing machines, we also sell reconditioned models and a wide variety of chemical cleaning solutions, as well as offering a cost-effective repair and maintenance service. Learn more about our services and capabilities by calling us on 0800 0665062.