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Hotels & Hospitality Sector

Specialist Laundry Equipment for the Hospitality Sector

Brewer and Bunney has been a specialist supplier of laundry and dishwashing equipment to hundreds of hotels and restaurants in the South West for over 40 years.

Welcome to Brewer and Bunney, your trusted partner in providing top-tier laundry solutions for the hotel and hospitality sector. We know that in the bustling world of hotels and spas, the devil is in the details, particularly when it comes to upholding pristine cleanliness and ensuring unparalleled guest satisfaction.

Back of House Laundry Solutions

At the heart of every successful hotel operation is a dedicated team working behind the scenes, ensuring guests enjoy a flawless stay. Our Back of House hotel laundry solutions are crafted to meet the distinct needs of the hospitality industry, enabling your staff to concentrate on delivering exceptional service while we manage the laundry. This partnership allows your team to focus on what they do best: creating memorable experiences for your guests.

Space-Saving Innovations

In the often compact spaces of hotels or spas, optimising every inch is crucial. Our space-efficient laundry machines are designed to maximise the utility of your laundry area, providing you with the ability to meet your guests’ needs without sacrificing quality. This strategic approach to hotel laundry management ensures that space limitations never compromise your service standards.

Towel Laundry Excellence

The quality of towels significantly influences guest satisfaction, offering a touch of luxury and comfort that elevates their experience. At Brewer and Bunney, we specialise in creating bespoke towel laundry solutions, encompassing everything from washing and drying equipment to infection control and aftercare. Our aim is to ensure that your towels are consistently soft, clean, and welcoming, thereby boosting guest loyalty and satisfaction.

Commercial Dishwashers for a Complete Solution

Recognising that cleanliness extends beyond laundry, we also provide commercial dishwashers tailored to meet the rigorous standards of the hospitality industry. These solutions guarantee that your dining and kitchen areas reflect the same excellence that guests find in their rooms, offering a comprehensive approach to hygiene and efficiency.

Take Control of Your Laundry

Opting for in-house processing of your hotel’s laundry affords you complete control over the quality and turnaround times. This autonomy allows for more efficient operations, reducing the volume of linen stock required and consequently saving both space and resources. Our hotel laundry solutions are designed to enhance efficiency while ensuring the highest quality outcomes.

Switch from Outsourcing to On-Premise Laundry (OPL)

The challenges of outsourcing hotel laundry—ranging from escalating costs and hidden fees to dependency and dealing with rejected items—can be mitigated by transitioning to an On-Premise Laundry (OPL) system. Brewer and Bunney offer the latest in energy-efficient hotel laundry machines, not only lowering operational costs but also contributing to a more sustainable future. We are here to facilitate your move from outsourcing to a comprehensive OPL or a hybrid towel laundry solution, helping you regain control, cut costs, and maintain exceptional quality standards.

Perfect for B&Bs and Guest Houses

Whether you’re operating a cosy bed and breakfast or a homely guest house, Brewer and Bunney cater to your laundry needs with the same level of professionalism and efficiency afforded to larger establishments. Our solutions are customised to address the specific requirements of smaller venues, ensuring that every hospitality business within the South West of England can provide their guests with the highest standards of cleanliness and comfort. In conclusion, when you choose Brewer and Bunney for your hotel laundry needs, you’re selecting a partner committed to supporting your levels of guest satisfaction and operational efficiency. Our comprehensive range of laundry solutions, designed with the unique needs of the hospitality sector in mind, ensures that your establishment stands out for all the right reasons.

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