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Discover Superior Self-Service Laundry Equipment Solutions

Providing top quality vended laundry equipment to launderettes in the South West of England

Discover Brewer and Bunney’s Custom Solutions for Launderettes

At Brewer and Bunney, we understand the crucial role of efficiency and reliability in service wash operations within launderettes. We provide quick and dependable processes that ensure your customers enjoy superior service, allowing you to concentrate on delivering outstanding results.

Reliable Equipment for Your Service Launderette

Our assortment of commercial washers, dryers, and ironers is perfectly suited for a serviced launderette in the South West of England. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Swift Washing Process: Our Swiss-made Schulthess washing machines are engineered for rapid and efficient washing. Capable of reaching up to 1200 RPM (at 9kg size) or 1100 RPM (at 14kg), they achieve a G factor of up to 419, facilitating the quickest possible drying times and reducing water usage. On average, Schulthess machines save 10 litres of water per cycle, lowering your operational expenses.
  • Energy Efficiency: Our ADC-i series tumble dryers consume up to 25% less energy than traditional commercial dryers. They incorporate advanced features like pre-heated air, transaxial airflow, residual moisture detection, and a reversing drum to ensure energy-efficient operation.
  • Optimised Ironing: For the finest finish and maximised throughput, our range includes steam ironing tables, roller irons (from 1-2 metres), and dryer ironers (from 1.4m up to 3.2m), all designed to meet the high demands of your launderette.

Service and Support that Distinguishes Us

  • 7-Day Service Cover: Our commitment to your business extends seven days a week, guaranteeing smooth operation of your laundry services. Our responsive service minimizes downtime, keeping your clientele satisfied.
  • GAS Safe Engineers: Our Gas Safe registered engineers ensure your equipment is maintained in peak condition, often resolving issues on the first visit.

Additional Services to Enhance Your Business

From gas safety checks and dryer duct cleaning to comprehensive machine servicing and professional installations, Brewer and Bunney offers a full suite of services designed to streamline your business operations. Our flexible financial options, including lease, rental, or purchase, are tailored to fit your business model and budget.

Brewer and Bunney is dedicated to the success of your service launderette. Our efficient processes and reliable self service washing machines ensure your focus remains on providing top-tier service to your customers, while we handle the rest. With full coverage in the South West of England, we are your partners in success, offering brands like Electrolux and Primus known for their durability, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness in the launderette market.

Whether you’re establishing a new launderette or upgrading your existing facilities, our team offers comprehensive planning, design, and installation services from the ground up. We’re involved from the initial stages, ensuring your site is fully equipped with the necessary utilities for growth and success, complemented by a selection of new and pre-owned equipment to meet any budget.

For an innovative and environmentally friendly back-of-house solution, we also provide the Lagoon WET CLEANING System by Electrolux. This system offers an in-house dry cleaning substitute with a “dry to dry” service within the hour, doubling as an excellent machine for service washes.

All our machines, whether new or reconditioned, are available for outright purchase or, more commonly, on a fixed monthly rental package. This package, subject to survey, includes installation at no upfront cost and is supported by our guaranteed same-day/next-day repair and service package. With Brewer and Bunney, your launderette is equipped with the best self service washing machines and support in the industry, ensuring your operation is as efficient and reliable as possible.

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