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Mop Laundry in NHS Hospitals

December 2, 2023 / Hospital News

Cleaning microfibre mops isn’t just about keeping floors shiny; it’s a crucial step in stopping germs from spreading in hospitals. When we wash these mops at high temperatures, it kills off the nasty bugs that can cause infections. This means both hospital staff and patients are in a cleaner, safer place. In this blog, we’re going to talk about why keeping mops clean is so important for fighting against germs. Let’s dive in and see why mop cleaning is a key player in keeping hospitals safe.

Microfibre mop laundry
Hospital microfibre mop laundry

Mop laundries, sometimes called ward end laundries, are set up to help hospitals stay super clean and fight off germs. They’re really important for cleaning busy places like wards, kitchens, and surgery rooms. Using microfibre mops, these laundry systems grab all the dirt, dust, and yucky stuff, keeping infections from spreading. Plus, you can use them for both mopping up spills and dusting, making them a must-have for keeping healthcare places safe and sparkly.

Why Mop Laundries Matter a Lot

Keeping mop laundries running is key to stopping infections in places like hospitals. They make sure germs don’t hop from one patient to another. It’s all about staying super clean, from the floors to all the surfaces people touch.

Using microfibre mops is the trick because they soak up way more germs and grime. It’s important to change these mops after each use and give them a good wash at least every week. Also, keeping the mop laundry area tidy and getting rid of dirty mops the right way is super important for keeping everything hygienic.

Regularly cleaning with mops not only keeps the place looking good but also stops germs in their tracks, making it safer for everyone in the hospital.

When using mop laundries, always stick to the cleaning product instructions. Make sure to use clean water and the right cleaners so you really get rid of all the germs. And keep all your mops and cleaning stuff in a spot where they won’t accidentally spread germs around.

Tips for Mop Laundry Success

Using mop laundries right is a big deal for controlling infections in hospitals and other care places. Here are some pointers:

  1. Pick the best mop. Microfibre mops are top-notch for healthcare because they’re like germ magnets.
  2. Get the mop ready. Use a disinfectant on the mop before you start so it’s germ-free.
  3. Watch the water temp. Warm water is your friend for cleaning floors without wrecking them.
  4. Rinse the mop out. After you use it, give the mop a good rinse to get all the dirt off.
  5. Go for ward-end laundry. This means all the mops from a ward get a special wash to make sure they’re super clean and meet the UK’s germ-killing standards.

Thinking About Mop Laundry Solutions?

Brewer and Bunney has loads of experience helping hospitals, private clinics, and care homes with their laundry needs, especially for microfibre mops. We’re all about giving you the best advice and equipment to keep your mops and your place as clean as can be.