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Keep Kits Pristine with Brewer and Bunney

June 12, 2024 / Sports

Maintaining clean sports kits not only enhances the professional look but also ensures the comfort and durability of the garments. At Brewer and Bunney, we recognise the specific challenges sports clubs encounter when laundering athletic wear. Here are expert tips and recommended Flow detergents to keep your kits in excellent condition.

Select the Right Detergents

Hydrogen Peroxide Detergent
Our Flow Hydrogen Peroxide detergent excels at tackling tough stains. Its exceptional stain removal abilities keep your kits looking bright and new.

Low Temperature Destainer
Synthetic fabrics in sports kits can be damaged by hot washes. The Flow Low Temperature Destainer efficiently breaks down and eliminates stubborn stains at lower temperatures, preserving the fabric and saving energy.

Bio Detergent
When dealing with challenging grass stains, our Bio Detergent is ideal. Its enzyme-free formula lifts grease and dirt, making it gentle on sensitive skin while ensuring thorough cleaning.

Laundry Boost
Flow Laundry Boost effectively breaks down mud, blood stains, and deodorises fabrics affected by sweat. Its unique blend of alkalis penetrates deeply to lift these tough stains without harming fabrics or fading colours.

Best Washing Practices

Pre-Treat Stains
For effective stain removal, pre-treat visible stains and let them sit for a few minutes before washing.

Use the Right Amount of Detergent
Excess detergent can leave residues, making garments feel stiff. Follow recommended amounts for optimal results. Our Auto Dosing system can help ensure precise measurements.

Avoid Overloading
During peak training periods, it’s crucial to avoid overloading washing machines, as this can hinder proper cleaning and rinsing.

High-Capacity Machines
Investing in high-capacity machines that handle larger loads efficiently will significantly improve your ability to manage increased laundry demands. The Schulthess Proline W-Series machines are designed to process large volumes quickly and effectively, reducing cycle times and minimising bottlenecks.

Select Gentle Cycles 
To preserve the quality and longevity of your kits, use gentle or delicate wash cycles, minimising wear and tear on the garments.

By incorporating these tips and utilising Flow detergents, your sports club can maintain its kits in pristine condition, ensuring athletes always look and feel their best. Brewer and Bunney are dedicated to providing top-notch laundry solutions to meet your needs. Keep your team’s gear in top shape with Flow.

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