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Maintaining Cleanliness in Care Homes During Summer

June 19, 2024 / Care Home News

As temperatures climb, effectively managing sweat stains and odours in care homes becomes paramount to upholding a hygienic and comfortable environment. From preventing musty bedding to ensuring fresh clothing against sensitive skin, maintaining cleanliness is crucial for supporting the health and dignity of residents.

More Important in Summer

Effective deodorisation of fabrics becomes particularly crucial during warmer months. In smaller care homes, potent odours can swiftly infiltrate confined spaces, creating a negative atmosphere for both residents and visitors alike. Inadequately treated fabrics not only contribute to unpleasant smells but also lead to stubborn stains that are more challenging to eradicate, further compromising cleanliness and comfort.

Our Laundry Boost efficiently eliminates fabric odours and effectively removes sweat stains, ensuring garments remain fresh and clean.

Meanwhile, our Hydrogen Peroxide offers an optimal solution for combating tough stains. It excels in removing stubborn marks while preserving the brightness and freshness of your fabrics, ensuring they maintain a new-like appearance.

Meeting Increased Demand

During summer, the laundry room experiences heightened demand as residents often require faster turnaround times for their laundry, leading to increased machine usage and rising costs. Investing in energy-efficient commercial laundry appliances addresses these challenges effectively. These appliances handle large loads swiftly with fast wash cycles, simultaneously keeping operational costs manageable.

The Schulthess Proline W-Series washers integrate advanced technology to optimise energy efficiency, featuring amenities like hot water connections and high-speed washing capabilities for thorough cleaning while minimising energy consumption. Similarly, Proline series dryers employ advanced airflow systems and precise drying programs to achieve optimal drying performance with minimal energy usage. These efficiencies result in significant savings on utility bills and contribute to a reduced environmental footprint, aligning perfectly with sustainability goals in commercial environments.

Moreover, the Schulthess Proline Washer includes thermal disinfection cycles, ensuring compliance with high hygiene standards while maintaining energy efficiency.

We are dedicated to delivering high-quality, efficient, and sustainable laundry solutions that you can rely on.

For care homes seeking to improve their laundry management this summer and beyond, Brewer & Bunney offers the expertise and reliability you need.

Reach out to us today to discover how we can enhance your facility with superior laundry services.