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Commercial VS Domestic: Why Commercial is the Clear Choice for Salons

July 8, 2024 / Hospitality

Running a salon means making sure every part of your business is top-notch, from the services you offer to the equipment you use. But many salon owners still go for domestic laundry machines, thinking they’re the better choice for their needs. 

Domestic machines are perfect for family homes, but commercial businesses need commercial machines. Let us show you why.

Is Domestic really that bad?

Domestic machines are not “bad” but simply the incorrect choice for commercial businesses like salons. It’s a common belief that domestic machines meet enough salon needs, given concerns to commercial machines such as limited space, budget constraints, and worries about noise and operating costs. Being a smaller business might make you think that investing in commercial equipment isn’t necessary. Moreover, the higher upfront cost of commercial machines can be intimidating, particularly for small salons. These factors can make domestic machines seem like the more practical option.

However, using domestic machines can result in inefficiencies and increased costs over time and falling back on the same myths can be detrimental.

  1. “Commercial Machines Are Too Big”

A common misconception about investing in commercial laundry equipment is the perceived lack of space. Although some commercial machines are indeed larger, there are many compact models specifically designed for small businesses with limited space. Stackable units and space-saving designs allow salons to enjoy commercial-grade performance without sacrificing their layout. The Schulthess Starline Range, for instance, offers a domestic footprint for compact spaces but delivers the power and performance of commercial machines.

  1. “Commercial Machines Carry a Big Price Tag”

It’s true that the initial cost of commercial laundry equipment can be higher than that of domestic machines. However, this investment pays off over time through greater durability, efficiency, and lower maintenance costs. Commercial machines are designed to withstand frequent use, ensuring they last longer and perform better under constant demand. Additionally, we offer a range of energy-efficient machines that save on water and energy consumption, ultimately reducing your operational costs.

  1. “Small Businesses only need Domestic Machines”

Even small salons can reap significant benefits from commercial laundry equipment. Domestic machines are not built for the heavy usage typical in salons. Towels, capes, and other linens require frequent and thorough washing, which can quickly wear out domestic machines, leading to excessive noise, vibrations, or even breakdowns. Commercial machines are designed for high usage, offering superior cleaning performance and longevity. This reliability ensures that your salon maintains high hygiene standards without constant equipment issues.

  1.  “Commercial Machines are Loud”

Modern commercial laundry machines incorporate advanced technology to minimise noise and vibration. Many models operate quietly, making them ideal for salons where a peaceful environment is crucial. The misconception that commercial machines are noisier than domestic ones is outdated; engineering advancements have made commercial machines as quiet, if not quieter, than their domestic counterparts. Our range of Schulthess products feature silent motors, ensuring powerful washing and drying with minimal noise levels.

  1.  “Commercial Machines have Higher Running Costs”

Although commercial machines may consume more power per cycle, they are significantly more efficient overall. They handle larger loads and wash items more thoroughly and quickly compared to domestic machines. This efficiency results in fewer cycles required, leading to savings in water, energy, and time. In the long run, the operational costs of commercial machines can be lower due to their efficiency and reduced maintenance and repair needs.

The Obvious Choice for Salons

Choosing commercial laundry equipment is a strategic decision for salons, regardless of their size. These machines are tailored to meet the rigorous demands of professional settings, offering superior hygiene, efficiency, and durability. Despite the initial higher cost, the investment pays off through enhanced performance, reduced long-term expenses, and minimal maintenance needs. Their compact designs and quiet operation also make them suitable for small salons seeking optimal performance without compromise.