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Sweat Not! Save on Operational Costs this Summer

July 2, 2024 / Brewer News

As temperatures increase, operational expenses follow suit. For businesses aiming to control costs while upholding high standards of cleanliness and efficiency, discovering effective methods to reduce laundry expenses is essential. Whether it’s through complete machine overhauls or straightforward, temporary measures, we offer a range of suggestions to help your business lower operational costs this summer.

  1. Laundry Volume Surge:

A major concern is the surge in laundry volume. During peak tourist season, hotels, resorts, and other hospitality establishments face an influx of guests, resulting in a heightened demand for clean linens, towels, and bedding. This increase can strain current equipment and staff, leading to delays and possibly affecting guest satisfaction.

Investing in high-capacity equipment is essential for meeting increased demand while maintaining efficiency and quality. Upgrading to durable commercial washers and dryers allows businesses to manage larger laundry volumes effectively. Machines like the Schulthess Proline W-Series come with advanced features such as programmable cycles, automatic load balancing, and energy-efficient settings, which can enhance performance and lower operational costs over time.

Focus on a better scheduling system, by staggering loads and prioritising urgent items. Enhancing efficiency through improved sorting, regular equipment maintenance, and considering outsourcing during peak periods can also help maintain operational effectiveness.

  1. Stains and Odours

Summer can intensify odours and stains, necessitating more thorough cleaning processes that consume extra resources. This heightened workload can strain operational efficiency, resulting in longer turnaround times and increased labour costs as businesses work to maintain cleanliness standards during peak occupancy.

Selecting effective detergents and cleaning agents specifically designed for tough stains and odours can greatly enhance cleaning results. Opt for products like our Low Temperature Destainer, which is formulated to work efficiently at lower temperatures. This not only saves energy by minimising the need for hot washes but also delivers the same high performance and thorough cleaning as traditional destainers.

Appropriately adjusting temperature settings and cycle durations can also effectively tackle tough stains and odours while preserving fabric integrity.

  1. Increased Energy Consumption

Summer weather can significantly impact energy consumption, particularly when cooling systems are operating at full capacity to counteract the heat. This increased energy usage can lead to higher utility bills, further adding to operational costs during an already expensive season. Implementing energy-saving practices is essential to mitigate these challenges and maintain cost-effectiveness throughout the summer.

Utilising data and machine analytics to monitor water and energy consumption can significantly lower associated costs. Our smart laundry solution, ServiceMaster, integrates with your appliances, providing a comprehensive overview of your machines. With ServiceMaster, you can track usage, monitor errors, and observe water and energy consumption over any time period.

Adjusting laundry schedules to operate machines during cooler parts of the day, optimising laundry loads for full capacity, and using cold water settings for washing are all strategies that can contribute to energy and water savings.


There are many ways in which businesses like yours can reduce laundry running costs during the summer, but for long-term changes, it all comes down to the right equipment. Speak to our dedicated team today and learn more about our range of products.