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Common Commercial Laundry Myths – Busted!

August 10, 2023 / Brewer News

Welcome to the first post in our “Rinse & Reveal” series, where we’ll be clearing up common myths about commercial laundry throughout the year. Let’s dive in!

Myth 1: Commercial Laundry Equipment is Too Expensive.

Many people think commercial laundry machines are just too pricey and worry about the cost of upgrading.

The Initial Cost:

Yes, it’s true that commercial laundry machines can cost more upfront than machines made for home use. But it’s important to see this as a smart investment rather than just a big expense. These machines are made to be tough, efficient, and perform well, so they can keep up with the heavy use in a business environment.

Why They’re Pricier but Better:

Commercial laundry machines cost more because they’re made to last. They’re built with strong materials and designed to handle lots of use, meaning they last way longer than household machines. For example, Schulthess machines are tested for up to 30,000 loads, which is like using them for 20 years.

These machines are also designed to be more efficient. They can wash bigger loads of laundry, which means you do fewer loads overall. This saves time and is better for the environment, leading to lower costs over time.

Saving Money in the Long Run:

Despite the initial cost, businesses often find that commercial laundry machines save a lot of money over time. They’re so durable that you spend less on repairs and replacements. Plus, being able to do bigger loads more efficiently can make your operations a lot smoother.

Handling More Laundry, Better:

Commercial machines can deal with a lot of laundry at once, which is great for businesses with a lot of laundry needs. You can get more done in less time, keeping your operations running smoothly without sacrificing quality.


While commercial laundry equipment might seem expensive at first, the long-term benefits make it a wise choice. The durability, efficiency, and capacity of these machines mean better performance and savings for your business. So, don’t let worries about cost stop you from making a smart investment in your business’s laundry needs. Upgrading to commercial equipment can really make a difference.