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Upgrades for Social Housing Communal Laundries

November 4, 2023 / Social Housing News

In many UK social housing complexes, there’s a common setup where residents share laundry facilities. Often, these laundry rooms use commercial machines that last way longer than the ones we have at home. Because of this, some of these facilities haven’t been updated in a while. This means both the people living there and the landlords are missing out on what newer machines can do. The latest commercial washers and dryers are not just good at saving energy; they also use less water and get the job done quicker. For landlords, this means fewer breakdowns and less money spent on fixes. For tenants, it’s about having better, more reliable machines to use.

In this blog, we’re going to dive into why upgrading to modern commercial laundry machines is a win-win for everyone in social housing.

Using modern commercial laundry machines in social housing can really make a difference. These machines are champs at using less water, less soap, and less electricity, which means everyone living there could see lower bills. They’re also built to work faster, spinning clothes so well they come out less wet and cut down drying time. That’s more money and time saved. Plus, they’re better for the planet by using fewer resources and making less pollution. And, these machines get laundry done quicker, so no more long waits for clean clothes.

Reliability is key in shared laundry spots. With commercial machines, there’s less worry about breakdowns, making life easier for everyone. These machines are tough, made with quality parts, and ready for loads of laundry without giving up. They’re tested to keep running smoothly, so breakdowns are rare.

If something does go wrong, fixing it is usually quick and straightforward, thanks to warranties or service plans. Going for commercial laundry gear in your housing project is a smart move—it keeps tenants happy and can save money over time.