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Essential Laundry Solutions For Private Schools

May 6, 2024 / Brewer News / Education

Private schools are bustling environments where students often board meaning that they and the staff live and work together, making efficient management of daily chores essential. A key part of these daily operations is handling laundry, which includes everything from bedding and uniforms to table linens and sports gear. Given the large volume and variety of items needing to be washed, robust laundry solutions are a must.

Handling Bedding and Uniforms

Students at boarding schools use their bedding and uniforms constantly, as they reside on campus most of the year. These items not only require frequent washing but must also meet high standards of hygiene to ensure a healthy living environment. Commercial laundry machines, such as those in the Electrolux Line 6000 range, are designed to tackle these heavy loads efficiently. They ensure that the laundry is not only clean but also free from harmful bacteria and allergens.

Keeping Dining Linens Clean

The cleanliness of table linens in dining halls directly affects the dining experience and the hygiene standards of the school. Commercial washers and dryers are capable of handling large volumes of these linens, ensuring they always look their best and uphold health standards. Equipment like the Electrolux Line 6000 series is particularly effective, capable of managing the rapid turnover of table linens required in school settings.

Sports Gear and Activities

Sports kits often get very dirty and smelly, requiring special care. Most commercial laundry equipment includes specific programs designed to remove tough stains and odours, making sure sports gear is not only clean but also hygienic and comfortable to wear. This is crucial for student athletes who need their gear to be in top condition for health and performance.

Encouraging Responsibility in Older Students

Boarding schools also use laundry tasks as a learning opportunity for older students, helping them transition into managing more of their own responsibilities. Providing access to smaller, easy-to-use commercial machines helps prepare them for adulthood while still offering the durability and efficiency needed. The Schulthess StarLine series, for instance, is perfect for this role, offering high performance in a more compact and manageable size.

These smaller machines allow students to learn essential life skills like time management and self-care, and having several units helps avoid logjams during busy laundry times.


Commercial laundry equipment is invaluable in boarding schools due to the extensive and varied laundry needs. Choosing the right machines ensures efficient cleaning processes, maintains hygiene, manages resources effectively, and teaches responsibility. With the right equipment, such as the high-capacity Schulthess machines for general needs or the smaller Starline units for student use, schools can provide a clean, healthy, and well-organised living and learning environment.