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Greener Laundry Practices for Care Homes

April 9, 2024 / Brewer News / Care Home News

With Earth Day around the corner on April 22nd, it’s the perfect reminder for care home managers to consider greener initiatives within their laundry operations. Earth Day champions our planet’s health, and by adopting more eco-friendly practices within our care homes, we contribute significantly to this global effort.

Transforming your laundry room into a more sustainable area is a major stride towards environmental stewardship. This encompasses everything from conserving water and energy, opting for safer detergents, to educating the care home community on sustainable practices. Here are some straightforward yet impactful changes you can make with Brewer and Bunney to ensure your laundry practices are kind to the Earth, 365 days a year.

  1. Switch to Energy-Efficient Appliances: Choose high-efficiency washers and dryers to cut down on water and electricity usage. The Schulthess Proline W range, known as “The Game Changer,” dramatically enhances energy and water efficiency, processing up to 500 additional laundry loads annually.
  2. Opt for Eco-Friendly Detergents: Use our biodegradable, phosphate-free Flow detergents. These products comply with EC directives and clean effectively without harming the environment.
  3. Load Optimisation: Perform laundry with full machine loads to maximise water and energy efficiency. Avoid overloading to maintain cleaning quality and prevent unnecessary water use from extra rinsing.
  4. Cold Water Washing Initiative: Implement a cold water washing program to significantly lower energy consumption. Modern detergents, including ours, are designed to work well in cold water, ensuring cleanliness.
  5. Water Recycling Solutions: Investigate and implement water recycling technologies in your laundry operations to significantly reduce water usage.
  6. Embrace Efficient Drying Techniques: Our Electrolux Line 6000 dryers not only boast energy efficiency but also offer large capacity options, enhancing your laundry’s green credentials.
  7. Routine Maintenance: Keep your laundry equipment in top condition with Brewer and Bunney’s OneCare package, which provides regular servicing and ensures compliance with current regulations—all in one simple monthly payment.
  8. Educational Programs for Staff and Residents: Educate everyone in the care home on sustainable laundry practices. This can range from knowing when to request laundry services to tips on minimising personal laundry impact.
  9. Invest in Durable Linens: Choosing high-quality, resilient linens reduces the frequency of replacements and withstands regular laundering, lessening waste and costs over time.
  10. Chemical Usage Monitoring: Monitor and aim to reduce the chemicals used in your laundry processes, favouring environmentally friendly alternatives like oxygen-based bleaches over chlorine bleach.
  11. Sustainability Reports: Regularly assess and report on your laundry operation’s sustainability. This can include tracking of water and energy consumption, chemical usage, and waste generation. Utilise ServiceMaster from Schulthess for real-time performance reporting and hygiene record keeping.

In the care industry, where laundry volumes are naturally high, embracing these steps towards sustainability can make a significant difference. Contact Brewer and Bunney today on 0808 500 8093 to begin your journey towards a greener, more sustainable future for your care home.