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Electrolux Line 6000 Dryers

  • Ideal height. This makes a real difference for loading and unloading.
  • Safer for users. The insulated glass door* stays cool on the outside so there is no risk of burned fingers or hands
  • Long term savings through built in efficiency features
  • High performance, less noise
Weight 6KG 16KG 30KG 37KG 60KG 10KG

Electrolux Line 6000 Dryers

Introducing the Electrolux 6000 Line range of commercial tumble dryers. The range is designed to make laundry drying faster, more efficient, and easier on your fabrics. Whether you’re running a busy hotel, a bustling healthcare facility, or a high-volume laundry service, these dryers are built to meet your needs.

Fast and Efficient Drying

The Electrolux 6000 Line Dryers are all about making your laundry process quicker and more efficient. With advanced drying technology, they work fast, so you can get more laundry done in less time. This means you can serve your customers better and make your laundry operations smoother.

Gentle on Fabrics

We know how important it is to keep your linens and textiles looking their best. That’s why these dryers are designed to be gentle on fabrics. They use just the right amount of heat and tumbling action to ensure your items come out looking great, helping them last longer and reducing the need for replacements.

Energy Saving

In today’s world, being eco-friendly is more important than ever. The Electrolux 6000 Line dryers are built with this in mind. They use energy efficiently, helping you reduce your utility bills and your impact on the environment. This makes them a smart choice for any business looking to be more sustainable.

Easy to Use

Ease of use is a big part of the Electrolux 6000 Line dryers. They come with user-friendly controls that make it simple to select the right drying program for your laundry. This means less time figuring out how to use the dryer and more time getting things done.

We’ve Got Your Back

Choosing an Electrolux 6000 Line dryer from Brewer and Bunney means you’re not just getting a top quality dryer. You’re also getting our full support. Our team is here to help with everything from choosing the right model for your needs to installation and maintenance. We want to make sure your laundry operations are as hassle-free as possible.

Ideal for Any Business

The Electrolux 6000 Line Dryers are a great fit for any business that needs to dry laundry quickly, efficiently, and gently. Whether you’re looking after guests, patients, or customers, these dryers can help you provide the best service possible.

Explore the Electrolux 6000 Line Dryers at Brewer and Bunney today. Let us help you find the perfect drying solution for your business, so you can enjoy faster drying times, gentle fabric care, energy savings, and easy operation. Get in touch to learn more about how these dryers can enhance your laundry operations.

Ideal For

  • Healthcare
  • Housing Associations
  • Launderettes
  • Schools & Education
  • Hotels & Hospitality
  • Commercial Laundries
  • Vets & Equine
  • Dairy Farms