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Helping schools with compliance, productivity and reducing “cost per wash” in terms of detergent and utility costs.

Laundry Equipment for Schools & Education

With over 45 years of laundry experience we have built up a great reputation with Schools and colleges and are fortunate enough to work with some of the most prestigious and oldest schools around.

Key areas where we can add real value are around service and repair times, ensuring machines are not down for long, as well as providing some of the most efficient machines available meaning much lower gas, water and electricity costs, and much lower detergent costs too.

Compliance issues around GAS and WRAS (Water regulations which changed for Schools in Dec 18) are managed by us and we can provide a total turnkey solution in-house, from design and planning, to installation and training and finally, service and repair.

And with a wide range of machines that can either be purchased outright or supplied on a rental basis, which includes all service and repair, we can find a solution for any campus be it the main laundry or a student house. We can even put a service contract on your existing machines.

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