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Schulthess Topline 8kg Stacked Commercial Washer/Dryer

  • Large 4.3” colour display
  • Drum vanes for 3D-Washing
  • Washer Drum capacity: 70l
  • Dryer Drum capacity: 150 l
  • Spin speed: 1600 rpm
  • USB-interface for PC software
Weight 8KG
Key Features
Soft Mount
Drain Pump
Coin Operated

Schulthess Topline 8kg Stacked Commercial Washer/Dryer

Brewer and Bunney are excited to introduce the Schulthess Topline 8kg washing machine and tumble dryer range, expertly designed to maximise laundry efficiency in spaces where every square inch counts. This innovative range caters specifically to businesses seeking a high-quality laundry solution without sacrificing precious floor space.

Central to the appeal of the Topline series is its stacking capability. These machines are ingeniously designed to work flawlessly as standalone units or to be vertically integrated with a stacking kit. This transformative feature is a game-changer for establishments such as boutique hotels, gyms, and care facilities, where operational efficiency must be balanced with spatial constraints. By stacking the washing machine and tumble dryer, businesses can double their laundry processing capacity in the same footprint, a crucial advantage for optimising workflow and space utilisation.

The 8kg capacity of the Topline washing machine and tumble dryer ensures that the daily laundry demands of commercial operations are met with ease, delivering impeccable cleaning and drying results. The washing machine’s thorough cleaning process is complemented by the tumble dryer’s gentle, efficient drying, ensuring textiles are cared for and ready for immediate use.

Efficiency extends beyond just the spatial; the Topline range is also designed with energy conservation in mind. Featuring advanced technology to minimise water, electricity, and detergent use, these machines help businesses reduce their operational costs and environmental impact, aligning with sustainable practices.

Durability is a hallmark of the Topline series, with each machine built to withstand the rigorous demands of commercial laundry environments. This resilience ensures dependable service and minimizes downtime, a critical factor for businesses reliant on continuous laundry operations.

User-friendliness is another key aspect of the Topline range. With intuitive controls and adaptable programs, these machines are accessible to all users, ensuring a smooth, efficient laundry process that delivers consistent, high-quality outcomes for a variety of fabric types and soiling levels.

In focusing on the stacking capability of the Schulthess Topline 8kg washing machine and tumble dryer range, Brewer and Bunney offer a space-efficient, powerful, and versatile laundry solution. This range exemplifies the innovative design and quality craftsmanship of the Schulthess brand, providing businesses with a way to enhance their laundry services while optimising their available space. Brewer and Bunney are here to support your business with the Topline series, helping you achieve efficient and effective laundry operations, no matter the size of your facility.

Ideal For

  • Healthcare
  • Housing Associations
  • Launderettes
  • Schools & Education
  • Hotels & Hospitality
  • Vets & Equine
  • Camping & Caravanning