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Schulthess G Range

  • Delicate treatment of sensitive fabrics
  • Extremely resistant to wear and tear
  • Double Temperature Sensors
  • No scorching
  • Avoids waste of energy
  • Maintenance-Free Rollers
  • Mirror Polished Cylinder
  • Patented Titanium-Steel Burner
  • Foot pedal
Key Features

Schulthess G Range

Brewer and Bunney are thrilled to introduce the Schulthess G Range Flatwork Ironer, a top-tier ironing solution designed to meet the specific needs of various sectors. With sizes available up to a 3.2m width, this ironer is perfect for care homes, hotels, restaurants, schools, B&Bs, and commercial laundries, offering unmatched versatility and efficiency.

For care facilities, maintaining hygiene and comfort is essential. The G Range Flatwork Ironer ensures that bed linens, towels, and clothing are not only clean but also smoothly ironed, significantly improving the quality of care. With different sizes available, you can find the perfect fit for your facility’s laundry volume.

In the hotel industry, creating a great first impression is crucial. The G Range Flatwork Ironer helps hotels keep their linens and uniforms crisp and professional, streamlining laundry operations and keeping rooms guest-ready efficiently. Choose a model that matches your hotel’s specific requirements.

The hospitality sector, including restaurants and catering services, depends on flawless table settings and staff uniforms to enhance the dining experience. The G Range Flatwork Ironer delivers precision ironing, ensuring textiles are impeccably finished. Select a size that meets the demands of your business.

Schools aiming for a tidy and organised appearance will find the G Range Flatwork Ironer invaluable. It ensures uniforms and linens are perfectly pressed, aiding staff in maintaining a professional look. There’s a model to suit the laundry needs of any educational institution.

For bed and breakfast owners, attention to detail can set you apart. The G Range Flatwork Ironer allows you to offer guests beautifully ironed linens, adding a touch of luxury and helping streamline your laundry process. Choose a model that complements your B&B’s size and capacity.

Commercial laundries, tasked with handling high volumes of textiles, require both efficiency and consistency. The G Range Flatwork Ironer excels in providing a uniform, high-quality finish, suitable for operations of any scale. Pick a size that matches your laundry’s output.

The Schulthess G Range Flatwork Ironer, with its range of sizes and customisable settings, ensures a perfect finish for all your laundry needs, making it an ideal choice for any sector. Experience the future of ironing with Brewer and Bunney and the Schulthess G Range Flatwork Ironer. This isn’t just another machine; it’s a comprehensive solution tailored to the unique requirements of your business. Opt for the G Range Flatwork Ironer for convenience, efficiency, and outstanding results.

Ideal For

  • Healthcare
  • Hotels & Hospitality
  • Commercial Laundries