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Ozone Laundry System

  • Reduces Chemical Usage
  • Drastically Reduces Hot Water Consumption
  • Reduces Incidence of Bedsores
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria

Ozone Laundry System

At Brewer and Bunney, we’re excited to lead you into a new era of laundry innovation where cleanliness meets unmatched hygiene, ensuring your textiles aren’t just cleaned but thoroughly disinfected. While chlorine has been a traditional choice for laundry disinfection, we’re thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking alternative: Ozone – a powerhouse in water treatment now revolutionising the laundry process.

Ozone, or O3, goes beyond the typical disinfectant. It’s a formidable biocide that redefines the essence of clean laundry. Imagine your clothes not only clean but infused with the freshness of a breezy, sunlit day. Ozone excels in removing stubborn odours, leaving your garments with an irresistibly fresh scent.

The real wonder of Ozone, though, lies in its unparalleled ability to eliminate viruses and bacteria. Research has shown that laundry sanitised with Ozone achieves an impressive 99%+ eradication rate of harmful pathogens, including viruses as tenacious as the Coronavirus. In times when hygiene is more crucial than ever, such efficacy is truly groundbreaking.

Here’s the science behind Ozone’s effectiveness: It’s composed of three oxygen atoms. Upon contact with contaminants in the laundry, one oxygen atom detaches and attaches to the pollutants, oxidizing and thus neutralising them. This action not only cleans your laundry but ensures it’s clinically pure, sidestepping the need for aggressive chemicals.

But our commitment extends beyond just ensuring cleanliness. Brewer and Bunney’s Ozone laundry solutions adhere to HTM 01-4 legislation, surpassing the highest standards for hygiene and infection control in the industry. Your well-being is our utmost concern, and we strive to deliver peace of mind alongside superior cleanliness.

Ozone’s transformative power isn’t limited to laundry; it’s setting new standards for hygiene across various sectors, including care homes, veterinary clinics, schools, and the NHS. Its rapid and effective pathogen elimination capabilities make it an essential asset in protecting health, especially in environments with vulnerable individuals.

With Brewer and Bunney, laundry becomes more than a routine task; it evolves into an innovative and scientific process. Step into the future of laundry with us, where Ozone offers a cleaning power 150% more potent and 3000 times faster than chlorine. Opt for a laundry solution that’s cleaner, safer, and fresher. Join us as we redefine cleanliness with Ozone – the future of impeccable laundry is here with Brewer and Bunney.

Ideal For

  • Healthcare
  • Schools & Education
  • Commercial Laundries
  • Vets & Equine