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Maytag 9kg Coin-Op

  • The TurboWashâ„¢ System incorporates proven high efficiency technology, resulting in energy savings.
  • Enhanced Stability with Six-Point Suspension
  • Total water usage of only 40.5l per cycle
  • Provides increased precision in cycle durations and improved performance in handling unbalanced loads.
Weight 9KG
Key Features
Coin Operated
Soft Mount

Maytag 9kg Coin-Op

Brewer and Bunney is excited to bring you the Maytag 9kg Commercial Washing Machine, the ultimate laundry solution engineered to cater to the specific needs of diverse businesses such as student residences, campsites, hospitality venues, and marinas.

Performance and Reliability:

The Maytag 9kg Washing Machine stands as a testament to durability and efficiency. Designed to withstand intensive usage, its spacious drum capacity allows for the washing of substantial loads with remarkable speed and energy efficiency. This eliminates the hassle of laundry pile-ups, ensuring a seamless and consistent supply of clean, fresh textiles.

Ease of Use:

Combining user-friendly functionality with advanced technology, this Maytag 9kg washing machine is available in a coin-operated version with straightforward controls for effortless operation. Patrons and guests can easily select washing cycles tailored to various fabric needs, preserving the quality and appearance of their garments.

Ideal for Commercial Use:

Tailored for environments such as university housing, camping sites, hotels, and marinas, where laundry demand can peak, the Maytag 9kg Coin-Operated Washing Machine promises unparalleled efficiency and reliability. It’s precisely engineered to handle high volumes of laundry, ensuring operational smoothness even during busy periods.

Economical Operation:

Recognising the significance of cost management in laundry operations, this Maytag model boasts energy efficiency and includes a coin collection system for easy revenue management. This makes it a financially viable addition to your laundry service, contributing to its sustainability.

Built to Last:

The robust construction of the Maytag 9kg Commercial Washing Machine guarantees extended durability and consistent performance, minimising downtime and maintenance costs. Its superior build quality and components ensure it remains a dependable asset in your commercial laundry arsenal.

Elevate your laundry service with the Maytag 9kg Commercial Washing Machine from Brewer and Bunney. Catering to a wide range of commercial settings, this high-performing, user-friendly machine will transform your laundry operations, delivering pristine textiles to your clientele. Reach out to us to find out how the Maytag can enhance your service efficiency and quality.

Ideal For

  • Launderettes
  • Schools & Education
  • Camping & Caravanning