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Electrolux IB Bed Type Ironer

Electrolux IB Bed Type Ironer

At Brewer and Bunney, we understand that the finishing touches on your linens can make all the difference in how your business is perceived. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the Electrolux IB Small Rotary Ironer. This compact, efficient ironer with 1000mm working width, is perfect for small hotels, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, and any business aiming to present impeccably smooth and crisp linens without requiring a lot of space.

Compact Design, Professional Results

The Electrolux IB Small Rotary Ironer is designed to fit into the smallest of spaces, making it ideal for businesses with limited room. Despite its compact size, this ironer doesn’t compromise on performance. It delivers professional quality finishes, ensuring your tablecloths, bed linens, and napkins look their absolute best.

Easy to Use

We know that not everyone is a laundry expert, which is why the Electrolux IB Small Rotary Ironer is designed with simplicity in mind. Its easy-to-understand controls make it straightforward for anyone to use, ensuring you get perfect results every time with minimal training.

Efficient Ironing

Efficiency is key in any business, and the Electrolux IB Small Rotary Ironer is built to save you time. Its smooth, fast operation allows you to quickly iron large pieces of fabric, like sheets and tablecloths, reducing the time and effort needed compared to traditional ironing methods.

Gentle on Fabrics

Your linens are an investment, and the Electrolux IB Small Rotary Ironer treats them with care. It’s gentle on all types of fabrics, ensuring your items not only look great but also last longer. This gentle treatment helps reduce wear and tear, extending the life of your valuable linens.

Energy Saving

In today’s world, it’s important to think about the environment and your energy bills. The Electrolux IB Small Rotary Ironer is designed to be energy efficient, helping you keep costs down and reduce your carbon footprint.

Our Support, Your Peace of Mind

Choosing the Electrolux IB Small Rotary Ironer from Brewer and Bunney means you’re not just purchasing a machine; you’re gaining a partner. Our dedicated team is here to offer support from the moment you choose your ironer, through installation, and for all your maintenance needs. We’re committed to ensuring your laundry operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Perfect for Businesses Big on Quality but Short on Space

The Electrolux IB Small Rotary Ironer is the ideal choice for businesses that prioritize quality but are limited by space. It’s perfect for ensuring your linens present the polished, professional image you strive for.

Discover the difference the Electrolux IB Small Rotary Ironer can make for your business. Visit Brewer and Bunney today to learn more about how this compact, efficient ironer can help you achieve the perfect finish on your linens. Contact us to find out more and take the first step towards smoother, more professional linens.

Ideal For

  • Healthcare
  • Schools & Education
  • Hotels & Hospitality
  • Commercial Laundries