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How to make commercial laundry more eco-friendly

June 7, 2023 / Brewer News

Looking to make your business more environmentally friendly in 2023?

You’re not alone.

Lately, businesses everywhere have been stepping up their game on being more sustainable. With the increasing pressure to switch to eco-friendly practices, showing you’re committed to helping the environment is not just good for the planet but essential for your business’s success and image.

As we move into a new year, let’s dive into why making your commercial laundry more environmentally friendly is a smart and sustainable choice.

Why Going Green is Good for Business

Studies show that 83% of businesses see being eco-friendly as an opportunity, with 72% thinking this focus on sustainability is here to stay. Here’s why a greener commercial laundry makes sense:

  • Protect the environment: The most important reason. Anything that lessens harm to our planet is a win.
  • Boost efficiency: Energy-efficient machines mean faster washes and dries, leading to more productivity.
  • Save on bills: Modern machines use less water and energy, reducing your utility bills.
  • Improve your image: Being environmentally responsible enhances your reputation. People respect businesses that care for the planet.
  • Happier employees: Using efficient, user-friendly equipment makes employees’ jobs easier, leading to a happier team. Plus, showing you care about the environment can attract and keep great staff, especially younger ones who value sustainability.

Getting to Greener Laundry

To make your laundry setup more sustainable, keep an eye out for:

  • Old equipment: If your machines are ancient, they’re likely inefficient. Upgrading can reduce energy use.
  • Water-saving tech: New washers save a lot of water, lowering both your costs and environmental impact.
  • Cycle options: Modern machines offer more settings, allowing you to choose the most efficient cycle every time.
  • Quieter operation: Look for machines that won’t disrupt with their noise.
  • Regular servicing: Keeping your machines in top shape with a good service plan means they’ll stay efficient and eco-friendly.

Go Green with Wolf Laundry

Ready to upgrade your laundry equipment? Want to make more eco-friendly choices? Brewer and Bunney has a range of modern, efficient washers and dryers to choose from.

As the new year rolls in, it’s the perfect time for a fresh start and to commit to helping the environment. Check out our products now, and for advice on picking the right equipment for your business, feel free to get in touch.