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Commercial Laundries Go Green

April 18, 2024 / Brewer News

The commercial and industrial laundry industry processes a large volume of textiles every day, positioning it as a key player in environmental sustainability efforts. With increasing demands from consumers and regulatory agencies for eco-friendliness, large laundries have a unique opportunity to transform their operations. Here are some ways Brewer and Bunney is leading the charge in incorporating green practices into their business, setting a new standard for the sector.

Implement State-of-the-Art Water Recycling Technologies

A major step toward sustainability is the adoption of sophisticated water recycling technologies. These systems clean and reuse water, significantly reducing the need for fresh water supplies. By using these technologies, laundries can cut their water usage by up to 80%, significantly lowering both their environmental impact and water bills.

Switch to High-Efficiency Machines

Energy usage is another major concern for large-scale laundries. Transitioning to more efficient laundry machines can greatly reduce energy consumption. Modern, energy-efficient washers and dryers such as the large capacity models from Electrolux use advanced technology to decrease electricity use while still delivering outstanding performance. This shift not only helps reduce operating costs but also lessens the environmental footprint of laundry operations.

Choose Environmentally Safe Detergents

Selecting the right cleaning agents is crucial for environmental sustainability. Eco-friendly detergents minimise environmental damage and are also safer for both laundry workers and the final users of the laundered items. Key products in the Flow detergent range avoid chemicals like phosphates, making the resulting wastewater less harmful and easier to treat.

Conduct Thorough Training and Education

Sustainability involves both technology and human action. Providing in-depth training for employees ensures that everyone understands the best practices for resource conservation and the importance of their role in these efforts. This not only empowers employees but also helps build a workplace culture focused on sustainability.

Maintain Equipment Regularly

Keeping laundry equipment in prime condition not only extends its lifespan but also ensures it operates efficiently. Regular maintenance checks can prevent excessive energy and water usage, which often result from faulty or inefficient machinery. Furthermore, Brewer and Bunney’s equipment maintenance service helps businesses manage costs while promoting long-term sustainability.

Regularly Monitor and Improve Environmental Performance

Continual improvement is essential. Regular monitoring and reporting of environmental performance allow laundries to identify improvement areas and acknowledge successes. Setting clear, achievable sustainability goals promotes transparency with stakeholders and encourages the whole organization to strive towards these targets. By adopting these practices, large-scale commercial laundries like Brewer and Bunney can greatly reduce their environmental impact and emerge as leaders in the industry’s sustainability efforts. Brewer and Bunney is dedicated to providing advanced solutions that consider both the ecological and economic benefits, supporting businesses as they move towards a greener future.

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