Managed Auto-Dosing

Our systems are used by over three hundred organisations over the South West.

Managed auto-dosing systems for commercial washing machines

A managed laundry dosing system helps keep your running costs low and predictable. We also offer a choice of great-value financing options for commercial laundry equipment.

Brewer & Bunney Managed Laundry Dosing Systems bring you:

Precise, reliable auto-dosing systems

Brewer & Bunney Liquid Laundry Systems make cost control simple by automatically dispensing the correct dose of detergent every time. Your costs associated with detergent consumption are therefore predictable and consistent, allowing you to stay within your budget.

Washing Machine Auto-Dosing Installation Service

We have a dedicated team of our own highly trained staff who will install the pump units. Included in our managed auto-dosing system service free of extra charge are all of the following:

Popular Auto-Dosing Systems

Our systems are used by over 300 organisations over the South-West.

They know they can rely on a cost effective, trouble-free laundry operation, helped by our dedicated specialists, services and methods.

Easy-to-use, Efficient Auto-Dosing Systems

Our managed auto-dosing systems are quick and easy to use, helping to keep your workplace running smoothly and efficiently.

The pumps needed are supplied on a free loan basis as part of the system.

Benefits of Managed Auto-Dosing Systems