Vets & Equine

We have years of experience working with vets, dairies, animal sanctuaries and horse rug & equine companies.

Laundry Equipment for Vets & Equine

With over years 45 of working in laundry we have amassed a wealth of knowledge in many sectors and a big one for us is animals, whether it be dog & cats homes, vets, horse rug washers or even animal hospices.

We have the right machines and chemicals to ensure infection risks are managed and cloths, blankets and bedding are washed correctly, and as cost efficiently as possible in terms of detergent, electricity and water costs.

From horse rug washing that has Nikwax added to waterproof horse blankets, to low temperature de-stainers that not only kill mange, kennel cough and TB, but do it at a low washing temperature, we can prolong the bedding life, reduce cycle times and energy costs (Versus hot thermal washing).

We can recommend the right machine, install it and maintain in terms of servicing & repairs, and even provide the correct chemicals and detergents which often involves writing bespoke programmes for the washing cycles.

With a wide range of new and reconditioned machines available to purchase or more commonly rent, which comes with all service & repair built in on a same day/ next day service basis, we can bring real service and expertise to your organisation.

Major account customers include
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