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Brewer & Bunney offer the Electrolux Lagoon Wet Cleaning system for the Dry Cleaning market. We are the approved platinum agent for the entire South west for this Wool Mark approved system.

Laundry Equipment for Dry Cleaners

We have installed many systems over the past few years as Dry Cleaners have moved away from traditional dry cleaning to the more environmentally friendly Lagoon Wet cleaning system, which uses soft soaps and water rather than toxic solvents.

Clothes smell fresher and feel better, and all the chemicals are fully biodegradable. The latest version of the system is a Lagoon Advanced Care 2, which is a “dry to dry” system meaning that you can wash, dry and finish garments within 1 hour.

We have also assisted a number of new start ups who have decided to enter the market for the profit-making business opportunity that the system provides. The latest system of “dry to dry” means that little finishing of the garment is required and therefore training and skilling levels are not as demanding, making it easier for new entrants to come to the market.

The beauty of the Lagoon wet clean system is that the washing machine can be used for normal laundry as well as wet cleaning.

Duvet cleaning, suede and leathers, wedding dresses, these are all high value-added items that can processed through the system to improve revenue and margins.

Existing Commercial Laundry operators have also seized the opportunity to spread their portfolio and add a wet cleaning service to their business offer.

If there is the need to add another machine to the laundry, then it makes sense to add a Wet Clean washer and dryer because it can add much more value to the business than a normal washer.

We have the latest Lagoon machines at our Head office showroom in Cornwall, please contact us to arrange a demonstration of this revolutionary new system.

Some dry cleaners who now use Lagoon complete with Brewer and Bunney services include:
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