Dairy Farms

We have years of experience working with vets, dairies, animal sanctuaries and horse rug & equine companies.

Laundry Equipment for Dairies & Farms

With Decades of experience in working with dairy farms across the South West we provide dozens of machines to farms washing everything from teat and udder cloths to sheep fleeces.

We can recommend the appropriate machine, depending on the number of animals, and create the appropriate wash programmes using the correct chemicals to get the best results, in the case of dairies using reusable teat cloths we set these machines up using auto dosed detergent and a 5% peracetic acid.

This set up allows the cloths to be washed at a lower temperature which is not only quicker than 90 degree washes but prolongs the life of the cloths, as well as being quicker per cycle and cheaper in terms of energy usage.

We regularly assist with client bacteriology reports ensuring levels of coliform and bacteria growth such as staphylococcus and kiebsiella pneumoniae are controlled whilst ensuring micro organisms that cause mastitis are eliminated, this may mean programmes are fine tuned and calibrations on pumps are checked and tested by our engineers.

As well as engineers, we also directly employed our own chemical specialist to ensure high levels of technical assistance.

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