Wet Clean System

The Electrolux Lagoon has many benefits to offer businesses, especially start-ups given how easy it is to use.

Learning how to operate this innovative machine requires relatively little training. Because it works effectively and efficiently, there’s also not much else you need to do to ‘finish’ the process of washing garments after using it (ironing, for example, is often not required).

At Brewer & Bunney, we’re happy to help start-ups using this highly sophisticated range of machines, the latest of which is the Lagoon Advanced Care. This excellent garment cleaning solution can be used for everything from duvets to wedding dresses. Whether you’ve been operating for years or are just starting out, the Electrolux Lagoon could present many opportunities for your business.

Contact us now to arrange a demonstration at our Cornwall showroom, or with one of our already established Lagoon dealers.