Stacked Commercial Tumble Dryers

Stacked Commercial Tumble Dryer

As well as normal single-pocket or drum machines, we offer a wide range of stacked machines. These can come in the form of two dryers, or dryers with their controls at the bottom of the machines so they can be stacked on top of washers (though this is dependent on the model of both, and will require a stacking kit for safety).

These machines are ideal where space is a premium, such as in care homes and hotel laundries, or on campsites.

Please get in touch, as we have many years of knowledge in this area, and will know what will fit in any given space and what the power and ducting requirements are.

High-speed commercial washing machines are designed to last for around 30,000 cycles, and are built to work in the most demanding environments, such as healthcare and hospitality. If you’re considering a high-speed commercial washing machine, there are several important considerations to make.

What you’re washing, how much of it, and how often
Utilities, particularly power: these machines run on three-phrase electrical supplies
Drainage: the position of available drains, and whether the machine needs to stand on a plinth
Available space

New machines, such as the Electrolux 6000-series, which we supply, lead the market in efficiency meaning a lower cost-per-wash. They achieve this by auto-dosing detergent based on the weight and absorbency of loads. This in turn avoids costly human errors such as inaccurate dosing, which leads to damaged fabric and can cause skin irritation.

In short, a high-speed commercial washer is a brilliant solution for hospitality and healthcare laundry needs, as well as other situations that require them.

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