Rotary ironers for flat work

Schulthess Rotary Ironer

Brewer & Bunney offers a wide range of rotary ironers from various manufacturers. Typically, the following width sizes are available: 850mm, 1 metre, 1.4 metres, 1.6 metres, 2 metres and 3.2 metres (it’s worth noting the even the most basic rotary ironer works at 3.5 metres per minute).

Machines up to 1.6 – 2 metres wide are typically electrically heated, with bigger models being gas-heated. As well as straight return-feed models, we can offer length-fold and feed-fold-and-stack solutions.

Factors to bear in mind in the selection of a rotary iron are available floor space, power consumption, the number of staff available to operate it (anything larger than 1.6 meters usually requires two people), and how much linen you are looking to process.