Light Commercial Washing Machines

Light commercial washing machine

Light commercial washing machines are ideal in environments where domestic machines are either not robust or fast enough. They can have additional functionality built in, such as medical sluice functions for use in care homes, or coin-operated access for caravan and holiday parks.

They’re capable of a sustained duty cycle of eight loads per day, and can often be stacked with the washer at the bottom and dryer at the top – ideal if floor space is at a premium.

These machines are typically hardwired in to your electrical system, giving them more power. With their hot and cold water feeds, an average 60°C wash takes around 50 to 60 minutes. In comparison, a domestic machine takes two to three hours to perform the same task.

We offer models from Schulthess, Electrolux, Primus, IPSO and Speed Queen, and are happy to talk through the differences with you. Contact us on 0800 0665062 or email us via [email protected]