Energy-Efficient Commercial Tumble Dryers

Commercial Tumble Dryer

Thanks to our innovative and market-leading products, you can introduce significant time-savings, which will increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your laundry.

Our tumble dryers guarantee superb results and are also highly energy-efficient, meaning they’ll help you keep your bills down while making your job easier.

As with any new machine, upgrading your old commercial tumble dryer today can bring you the benefit of significant recent advances in technology. On our latest models, you’ll find there is more focus on the efficiency of the machine, and that there are more advanced features such as moisture sensors that stop the machine automatically when the load is dry. In addition, many machines now have axial air flow, where heat flows from the back to the front of the drum, meaning that 100% of the heat passes through the laundry (as opposed to the old style of top-down heating).

Heating methods have evolved too, with today’s new commercial tumble dryers benefitting from big advances in condensers. A new breed of heat pump dryers that need little make-up air and no ducting has become available – alongside traditional electric, gas and LPG heating options.