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Schulthess Starline TC 7730 7kg Coin-Op Dryer

  • Condensation dryer
  • Large 4.3” colour display
  • Stainless steel drum
  • LED drum lighting
  • Drum capacity: 118l
  • Electronically and time-controlled drying programmes
  • Residual moisture measurement
  • Language selection button
  • Excellent noise insulation
  • Crease protection
  • Programme progress and remaining time display
  • Door opening angle 180°
Weight Professional (7-10kg)

Schulthess Starline TC 7730 7kg Coin-Op Dryer

Introducing the Schulthess Starline Coin-Operated Tumble Dryer

At Wolf Laundry, we understand the unique challenges of managing communal laundry spaces in housing complexes, small care facilities, and supported living environments. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the Schulthess Starline 7kg Coin-Operated Tumble Dryer, a dependable and efficient laundry appliance designed to cater to the specific needs of your establishment.

Efficiency at Your Fingertips:

The Schulthess Starline Coin-Operated Tumble Dryer offers a hassle-free and convenient laundry experience for both residents and operators. With its coin-operated mechanism, residents can effortlessly access and utilise the machine, making it a user-friendly choice for shared laundry facilities.

Reliable Performance:

Engineered for frequent use, the Schulthess Starline is built to withstand the demands of communal living. Its robust construction and high-quality components guarantee consistent and reliable drying performance. Bid farewell to maintenance concerns and say hello to dependable laundry results.

Cost-Efficiency and Transparency:

For operators, this coin-operated tumble dryer presents a transparent and efficient solution for managing laundry expenses. The coin collection system simplifies revenue tracking and helps offset utility costs, making it a self-sustaining option for communal laundry areas.

Space-Saving Design:

In settings where space is limited, the Schulthess Starline’s compact design shines. It maximises floor space while providing a substantial 7kg drying capacity, catering to the laundry needs of your residents without overcrowding the laundry room.

User-Friendly Features:

Residents will appreciate the straightforward controls and customisable settings of the Schulthess Starline. Its intuitive interface allows users to tailor their drying cycles to suit various fabric types, ensuring the longevity of their clothing.

Enhance your communal laundry facilities with the Schulthess Starline Coin-Operated Tumble Dryer from Wolf Laundry. Whether you manage housing complexes, small care facilities, supported living environments, or HMOs, this reliable and user-friendly appliance will simplify your laundry operations and improve the overall living experience for your residents. Contact us today to discover how the Schulthess Starline can optimise your laundry efficiency and resident satisfaction.


  • Automatic programs with 5 drying levels from mangle moist to extra-dry.
  • Time-controlled drying programmes 10–150 minutes
  • Gentle drying at reduced temperature
  • 7 kg of laundry is cabinet dry in 83 min. (cotton, 1600 rpm)