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Case Study

Padstow Laundry – Auto Dosing Case Study

Our Customer is moving to a larger site with more equipment and required a dosing system that could deal with increased wash volume. Individual dosing pumps on each washer would not provide the more efficient centrally controlled system that was needed.

The new system had to cope with the demands of the extra machines and volume of washes and maintain accurate dosing. There could be no change to the wash quality to which customers had become accustomed.

We were able to offer a new central dosing system which would not only cater for the increased washers but also incorporate a safer a more accurate chemical transfer to all the machines.

We selected Turbo Compact Light™ dosing system which is designed and built to meet Health and Safety standards and in line with COSHH requirements. The fully enclosed Turbo Compact Light™ system offers a safe and secure dosing area even with greater quantities of chemical product on site, reducing staff to chemical exposure.

With the capability of having up to eight different chemical combinations, this now allows us to dose the latest low temperature wash processes, helping the customer reduce their water and energy costs up to 30% whilst still retaining an excellent wash quality and finish. Another benefit to washing in cooler water is the linen life is extended as well.

Wash processes are specifically designed to customer requirements by our specialist team. The feedback from Padstow so far is very positive commenting on improved whiteness and finish quality…we are now moving on to their second site to upgrade!

Please contact us if you would like a review of chemical processes, with over 4 decades of experience working with South West laundries we can bring a huge amount of knowledge and technical ability.

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